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Wireless networking solutions
for Gites or cottages, caravan parks, camping sites.

Give us a call we can provide wireless access for most situations

Are your walls to thick do you need a stronger wifi signal?
Tp link Wireless networking products are neat and compact.

Wireless conenction to the internet for Gites houses across the road or just the pool area Install a couple of boxes to the outside of your buildings and beam the signal between them. The two products on the left look the same but one is a transmitter the other is a receiver.  

Example below shows two buildings conencted using one internet service you can add many gites or houses up 30km radius as long as it can see the transmitter.
Using new technology to enhance your internet connections you will improve your clients stay while around the pool or if they need to be connected to the office while on holiday.

The products on the left give you the ability to extend wifi into you external building and behond you would need this to connect to the internet from a Gite or office builiding.

You can use your house to extend your wifi signal to other
part by using tp link wireless N technology you can extend
using your internal electrical supply. This only works in
external buildings  if you have all the power from the same source, In fact there are many options to extend your internet access.

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